Quality Assurance

What is Quality assurance? How the UHD approaches and apply it on campus?

Welcome to the website of the Directorate of Quality Assurance (DQA) at the UHD. One of the main missions of the Quality Assurance body at the UHD is to assure the quality of teaching/learning. The vision of the DQA is to ensure the quality of education that meets the requirements for sustainable development. The DQA uses G-Suite for Education to run the process of assuring the quality of teaching/learning and promoting an e-teaching among the teaching-staff of the UHD.

Marks of Quality

  1. Research proposals.
  2. Current and ongoing research.
  3. Articles published in journals listed by Thomson Reuters (ISI).
  4. Articles published in journals listed by SCOPUS.
  5. Articles published in journals without indexing.
  6. Conference papers.
  7. National and international papers.

The achievements of UHD students have been recognized honors


Degree Title Department Duration Examination Type
Computer Science Computer Science 4 Years Semester
LAW Law 5 Years Annual
Information Technology Information Technology 4 Years Semester
Political Sciences Political Science 4 Years Semester
Diplomacy and Public Relations Diplomacy and Public Relations 4 Years Semester
English language English Language 4 Years Semester
Accounting Accounting 4 Years Semester
Banking and Finance Banking and Finance 4 Years Semester
Business Management Business Management 4 Years Semester
Medical Laboratory Sciences Medical Laborotory Sciences 4 Years Semester
Nursing Nursing 4 Years Semester

Bologna Process

The Bologna Process is a series of ministerial meetings and agreements between European countries to ensure comparability in the standards and quality of higher-education qualifications.[1] The process has created the European Higher Education Area under the Lisbon Recognition Convention. It is named after the University of Bologna, where the Bologna declaration was signed by education ministers from 29 European countries in 1999.

Student Feedback

 University of Human Development highly values and appreciates student feedback. Student

input is the nexus between quality learning and the development and management of teaching

activities, decision making and strategic policies that help maintain educational standards. UHD

teams of experts meticulously observe and process student feedback to design, create and employ

measures that help enhance learning quality. This is an integral part of UHD’s quality assurance

system. UHD’s assessment teams of quality assurance deem student feedback on teaching

quality, learning environment, and administrative efficiency to be of eminent importance that

contribute to and facilitate better learning quality. UHD commits itself to the maintenance of

optimized policies and procedures that are continually assessed and engendered through

collaborative partnership to ensure the implementation of supporting practices that focus on

students’ concerns and recommendations.

Teacher Portfolio

At large, UHD views teachers’ portfolios holistically. The more traditional outlooks may define

portfolios conventionally as collections of certificates, diplomas, CGPAs, standard test scores,

educational and academic documents, formal evaluations expressed in referee letters, records of

publications, conference attendance, etc. UHD essentially considers teachers’ portfolios to

transcend these conventional attempts to define a “portfolio” and rather takes into account an

individual’s personal and interpersonal skills and their teaching and educational philosophy. This

view informs UHD and the instructors likewise about the levels of success in both of the

teaching and learning areas. It provides an opportunity for the instructors to assess their own

success and evaluate their teaching abilities in light of their professional development. UHD

continually tries to enhance its instructors’ teaching and personal experience. This helps both

parties highlight the areas where instructor’s might need to further develop their skills to

facilitate learning outcomes.

Continues Academic Development

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