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Welcome to the College of Science and Technology. It is a great honor for us to be with you, together for building a bright future and a better life. Our college is composed of two departments, Information technology, and Computer Science. Study in our college will always lead to potential employment in any of the thousands of different jobs associated with the analysis, design, implementation, deployment, and management of computer-based systems. We offer practical skills underpinned by sound theoretical understanding in the analysis, design, and development of computer-based systems; an understanding of the hardware, software, and network infrastructure that supports them; fundamental insights into the contexts in which they arise and operate and an appreciation of the social, ethical and professional issues associated with their development and operation. Our students will develop a sound knowledge of the fundamentals of Information Technology and Computer Science, through focusing on the hardware and software interactions; understanding of human-computer interaction and the sociological impact of information technology; and knowledge of the professional standards as well as ethics of the computer industry, together with the skills and confidence to react to its ever-increasing rate of change.

College Programs

Program Degree Degree Level Duration Teaching System
Diplomacy and Public Relations B.A Diplomacy and Public Relations Undergraduate 4 Years Semester

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College Mission

Our mission is to create, share, and apply knowledge in Computing and Informatics, preparing high skilled ethical, effective problem-solvers and professional leaders.

College Vision

College of Science and Technology Provides a high-quality educational program, applicable training for our students in solving real-world problems. conducting high-quality Researches.

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