Ideas and arts are combined in an exhibition


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Students of the English Language Department at the University of Human Development (UHD) have organised an exhibition for their Translation Module under the supervision of their teacher Asst Prof. Dr Sabir Hassan Rasul on 23rd November 2021 and will stay open for 7 days. Many students attended the first day of the exhibition, and ‘Everybody is welcome’ to visit, the English Language Department has announced.

In the exhibition, titled ’Convergence of Translation & Art’, students of the Seventh Semester express ideas in arts. They have drawn different arts; posters, pictures, calligraphies, sketches, drawings…etc. to represent their favourite quotes. The arts are put up on the inner sidewalls of the main corridor of the English Language Department building.  Visitors can take time to read through the arts and ask for assistance if they need it.

Activities like this are highly encouraged by UHD since they are modelled on modern teaching methods. The decision by UHD to adopt Bologna Process Learning System as the first university in the Kurdistan Region allows various teaching methods to be followed by the university’s departments. This initiative has been well exploited by the UHD teachers for their classes. As a result, students can learn faster and better.   

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