UHD lecturers participate in a youth capacity building programme in collaboration with local organisations


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The University of Human Development (UHD) vice president for academic affairs Prof Dr Anwar Faraj and dean of the Language College Assist Prof Suhaib Mustafa delivered a workshop to a number of young people to help them develop their mental capacity in matters related to making decisions and working for a better future. The workshop was part of a programme organised by Prozhay Bryarakanm Organisation (My Decisions Project Organisation), Civil Development Organisation (CDO), and Halkawt Printing for Printing Logo and Stationery on 29 August 2021.


Prof Dr Anwar focused on politics as part of human life and Assist Prof Suhaib focused on opening businesses and being able to stand on one’s own feet. The participation of UHD lecturers in that programme was within the UHD’s continuous effort to support youths in the Kurdistan Region to build a better life for themselves and create a brighter future for the nation as a whole.

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