Applying Pfeiffer-Stone in the Educational Institutes


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The practice and application of knowledge management are considered the critical point in the process of evolution and growth of organizations, and due to the increasing role of knowledge management in filling the gap between what the organization possesses of knowledge and what it benefits from and adopts, and due to the importance of the subject at present, the Business department at College of Administration and Economics in University of Human development held on Tuesday 3rd June 2021, a workshop entitled the possibility of applying the Pfeiffer-Stone model in educational institutions. The two presenters (Nishtman Osman Mohieldin and Hoshmand Muhammad Rasool) explained the main axes of the model and the participants who exceeded 25 participants, were allowed to discuss the most important topics and express their opinions. Among the most important topics discussed are the steps for applying the model, the requirements required to implement the model effectively, and the obstacles that hinder the application of the model. At the end of the workshop, the focus was on the current situation and the possibility of applying the Pfeiffer-Stone model at the University of Human Development as one of the leading educational institutions in the Kurdistan Region.